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Q: What will be required from me to develop my web site?
As much as possible information about your business, including any brochures, photos, letterhead, pamphlets, etc.  If you don't already have a brochure, you can briefly write something about the products or services you provide and the market you are aiming at.  Once we understand your business we can also make suggestions in this regard. Photos may be provided to us in electronic form (CD, etc.) or hard copy photos which we will scan and return the originals back to you.  If you think your photos may not be good enough, we can always try to enhance them before they are used on the web site. If you need a make to your business to be placed on the web site, we will provide it.

Q: Do I need to be connected to the Internet to have a web site
No.  If you provide us with the necessary hard copy information and photos about your business, we will design and place it on the Internet without any further action required from you.  We can provide you with a printout for acceptance before it is loaded on the Internet.  If you need Internet access, you need a computer with a modem, a telephone line and you need to subscribe with an Internet service provider.  Major companies that provide this service is the major banks (cheapest if you are already a customer), Telkom, Mweb, Polka, etc.

Q: What should I name my web site?
This should typically be the name of your business.  As most businesses in South Africa use the .co.za extension, it is best to use this as most potential customers will guess this extension and is easily remembered.  You can also opt for other extensions such as .net or .org  or .com which have slightly different price structured attached to them.  Our web design package includes the registration of your own domain name such as www.your-bussines-name.co.za.  The most important part of your web address is that it must be easily remembered and if your business name is already very long, you may want to abbreviate it.  Should you have various business names that you use, you can register a web address (domain name) for each one of them and we can link them in such a way that they will all refer to your main web site.  Registration of additional domains on the .co.za domain costs only R195 with an annual fee after the first year of R95.

Q: Given the monthly charge for hosting and updating, how often can I ask that my web site be updated?d
A: Generally we don't have a problem to update regularly, only if the updates gets out of hand, may we negotiate a different fee with you.  Remember the next worst thing from not having a web site at all, is to have a web site that is outdated.

Q: I don't have any photos of my products and business - what do I do?
A: You can always obtain the services of a professional photographer, but we can also takes some pictures for you, at a very reasonable extra fee, which you only need to pay once you are satisfied with the results.

Q: What do I do if I don't have a logo?
A: For a very reasonable fee of R195 we can make a number of suggestions for a logo, which you only pay for if you accept.

Q: How will people know about my web site and how will they contact me?
A: You should update all your marketing material, such as pamphlets & brochures, stationery and display signs to reflect your web site address.  This will immediately provide your existing & potential customers with the ability to learn so much more about your business and take further confidence in your business.  We will also list your web site with a number of local and international Internet search engines and business directories to direct potential customers to your web site

Q: How will I know if anybody visits my web site?
Apart from feedback from customers that will tell you that they visited your web site, we can also provide you with statistics of the visits to your web site.  We also place a counter on your web site for this purpose.

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