Everybody is getting onto the WEB Wagon, why don't you - it's cheaper than you think

New budget option available
for only R375 plus R75 p.m.
See pricing below

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Sites recently designed and hosted by us:

Provides a comprehensive image of the school with fresh interactive content.


A virtual showroom is created, which would otherwise not be impossible


A personal web site providing regular updates and interaction.


A personal web site for an expected baby


Guest house
Let potential guests view your accommodation before booking

Community Cause
Promote good causes for the community

Other types of very effective web sites:

  • Any business that provides a product, service or packages that can be described or portrayed on the Internet, such as home improvement, accommodation, any kind of service.
  • Sports or hobby clubs to provide their members with an up to date calendar of events and more information about the sport.
  • Baby development and family sites to keep remote family & friends up to date with developments. The site can be designed that it is not easily accessible to the public and only to a closed group of people.
  • Portfolio pages of artists, actors, photographers & models. 

We assist small to medium businesses and individuals to expand their horisons and add new dimensions to their business and life, in a cost effective way.  No business is too small and no business can longer afford not to have a presence on the Internet. Studies show that some customers are starting to avoid businesses that do not have a web presence.  Isn't it time you place an "Open" sign on your business 24 hour per day?

Your Marketing Agent

    Your website will become your 24 hour / 7 days a week marketing agent that promises to be loyal, consistent and do exactly as you tell it to do.  It won't quit, strike, arrive late, use company resources for personal, etc.  It will be out there come rain or shine, holiday or business day, to hold your name high and bring in the business.

Reasons Why Every Business Should be on the Internet:

  • Gain additional customers through web searches.
  • 24 hour / 7 days availability of marketing & contact info.
  • It projects a complete & colourful multimedia image.
  • Allow potential customers to virtually visit your premises to make sure they are dealing with a legitimate company.
  • All business communication and advertising can refer to your web site to provide the reader with a more complete and up to date information as and when they require.
  • Contents is flexible and can be easily updated or expanded as your business changes, without reprinting any material.
  • Shows your business as being keeping up with technology.
  • Reduces the number of telephone queries to the company and provides feedback to the customer like no telephone conversation can.
  • Products and services can be clearly describes with photos and examples.
  • Pictures of contatc people inspire confidence and trust in your business.



    Pricing for a website is structured as follows:

    A once-off development fee of R2,100 for a typical website, which includes:
    - Development of ±5 pages
    - Registration of your own domain such as www.yourbusinessname.co.za

    A monthly fee of R175 per month, which includes the following:

    - Hosting of the website on the internet
    - Updates as and when required
    - Annual domain renewal included
    - Three e-mail addresses
    - Free Fax2email fax numbers for each e-mail address
    - Statcounter to monitor visitors to the website

    Typical websites are fully menu driven and includes pages such as Home, Services/Products, People, Contact and Testimonials. The price may be adjusted upwards or downwards depending on the work involved.  The monthly fee is kept low and is payable by stop order to avoid administration costs to follow-up on payments.


    A budget option, just to get a presence on the net is also available, which includes the following:
    - Domain registration (www.yourbusinessname.co.za)
    - One page website with your letterhead or brochure (including logo/name and contact details, with a ±200 word description of your business and/or products)
    - Hosting & updates
    - Statcounter to count visitors to the website
    - Includes annual domain renewal fee
    - Price: R375 once-off plus R75 per month payable by stop order.
    - Should you wish to later upgrade to a full website, these costs will be deducted from the full price!


    If have an idea or a business and want to ensure that your domain is reserved (remember anybody can register your business domain), you can register your .co.za domain for only R195 once-off and R120 per year for renewal.

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